From legendary Marlborough wine maker

Ant Moore

Ant Moore Wines

A behind the scenes look at Patriarch Vineyard

Every Bottle Of Ant Moore wine is…

Grown With Love

We have spent over 20 years in Marlborough developing 5 world class vineyards, that represent the regions diverse terroir.

Our vineyards are proudly certified by the Sustainable Wine growing New Zealand™ program.

Masterfully Crafted

Ant’s unique style of wine makeing comes from an appreciation for the art of “old world” wine making, that originated in europe and was perfected over generations, and modernised the  

Blended to perfection

Ant Moore Signature is our flagship range, blended to Ant’s personal taste with an emphasis on bright and vibrant notes of locally grown fruits.

Moore family estate pays a homage to the classic Marlborough style.

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