The People Behind The Wine

Ant Moore – Fresh Prince Of Marlborough

As an Aussie, I moved to New Zealand in 2002 and have since undertaken every adventure required to make wine.  I’ve developed a number of bareblocks into vineyards, bought a winery and built it up, created a number of successful wine brands.  With the benefit of hard-earned experience, we now have my signature wine “ant moore”.

I am hands on with every aspect of the production, from managing my vines, harvesting the fruit, to processing the wine.  I’m not afraid to try new and different approaches and to push the boundaries. To me that’s what making wine is all about, constantly learning and enjoying the creative expression that is making wine.

Using a combination of old world techniques and modern winemaking practices, I have crafted a range of wines that I would love to drink myself.  They tend to be characterized by dryness and purity.  They are all about balance and character – values we live by on the vineyard and in our personal lives.


Ash’s Great Grand Father was one first brewers in New Zealand at the Speights Brewery in Dunedin.  His previous role was New Zealand General Manager Wine Depot, a Sydney based ASX listed IT startup assisting NZ wineries with access to the Australian market. Ash’s exciting background includes founding and launching Hãhã Wine from concept to a successful New Zealand and international wine brand.  An exciting prior role was travelling the world as The Wild Rock Guy, General Manager for a Craggy Range Vineyards brand Wild Rock. 

Ash has a degree in Accounting from Massey University and has extensive experience in corporate and chartered accounting and finance, and strategic development.

On a personal note, Ash is an enthusiastic and energetic bloke, and a family guy. He and his wife Ngaio live in Hawke’s Bay and have two grown-up children.  He has a huge a love of mountain biking, his Blue Heeler Stanley, vintage Vespas, and vinyl record collecting.


Chelsea is a fourth generation liquor industry professional. She follows in the footsteps of her Great Great Uncle Harley, who opened Harley’s Liquor Store in East Texas when Prohibition ended in 1933. 

As a youngster, she found herself playing hide-and-seek in the warehouse with her brothers, watching the myriad of customers, deliveries, sales people and friends pass through the stores.  As a teen, she was doing everything from bagging ice and mopping floors, to accounting and running payroll, eventually working “up front” with customers. 

The ten years leading up to Chelsea’s current position, she worked with a Chilean importer, a California négociant and the second largest winery in the Pacific Northwest – giving her a depth of knowledge in sales, marketing and distribution to grow wine brands with great partners in the industry.


Winter by name – spring by nature.  30 Years amongst the Marlborough vines, managing small to very large (over 1200Ha – whoa!) vineyards.  A relentless pursuit of happy grapes, whereby quality and sustainability sing.  

Implementing the overarching minimal intervention philosophy of Ant Moore Wines, Nick’s deep wealth of knowledge is evident in the results of both the fruit, and the end result. 

He’s handy with a basketball, kicks a good footy, and free-dives with the creatures of the deep.  Married and with four kids, Nick is the embodiment of a Marlborough Man.


He’s an enthusiast for maintaining quality, from the barrel to the glass, via the thousands of moving parts involved in logistics.  You have to love wine (he gets emotional over riesling and pinot noir) to achieve the level of professionalism Paul relentlessly sustains.  He’s been involved in many aspects of the wine industry, from fine wine retail to wholesale, and it shows in the superb presentation and delivery of all our brands.

He’s easily bribed with a craft beer, and loves getting flat tires exploring the South Island’s back-country roads. 


25 years in the industry, roaming New Zealand, Australia, France and other exciting parts of Europe, Wendee has worked both sides of the fence far and wide.

She is equally comfortable doing vintage as she is in the tasting room, or educating restaurateurs and retailers, or heading up sales teams.

Ant Moore Wines matches Wendee’s passion for niche wines, with low intervention and a sustainable approach.  It also enables her to work personally with enthusiasts, and share her passion for fabulous wine with interesting people all around the world. Win win!


biography coming soon!